Ngara Girls High School

Ngara Girls’ High School started as an Asian mixed secondary school during the colonial era in 1957. The first head of the school was Mr. Waller. Five years later, in 1962, the boys were moved to Nairobi South ‘B’ where they started the present day Highway Secondary School. The following year, 1963, which was Kenya’s year of independence, the school, being a girls’ day school, received its first lady headmistress, Mrs. Serah Joseph who served the school for only one year. She was replaced by Mrs. Reina D’Souza in 1964.

It was this year when the Ominde Commission abolished the system of education in Kenyan schools based on racial lines. Ngara Girls’ High School was now open to all races. However, the school still remained under the management of Asian heads up to 1987 when Mrs. Ottaro (the first African headmistress of the school) took over from Mrs. Vimala Chaudry, the longest serving head of the school (1968-87)

For a long time, efforts were made to turn the school from a day school to a boarding school. The project took root in 1986 when classrooms that used to be for ‘A’ level tuition were renovated to make dormitories for Form Four girls. This was done after the Kenyan government had adopted the recommendations of the McKay Commission which did away with the 7-4-2-3 Educational System and adopted the present 8-4-4 system.

At this time, Mrs. Macharia was the principal of the school. One factor that made it easy to turn Form Fours into boarders was because the previous principal, Mrs. Ottaro had organized for the school canteen to be renovated into a kitchen which was already serving hot lunches for the students.


To Produce An All Round Student; Academically, Discipline wise and Spiritually


To be one of the best performing schools nationally


Honore Et Labore (Honour and Effort)


 P.O. BOX 31624 -00600, NAIROBI, KENYA.


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