Sarah Mochama  – Mbagathi Road Primary School

Dear, Mr.  President, my life as a digital learner has made me a better pupil. With everything around me digitalized, I can do a lot of things beyond and ones expectations. In my school there are five computers which we share and use to improve our education digitally.

We are all aware that we live in an information era where all the information we need is just a click away. This is attributed to the existence of networks. The internet being the largest form of network has not only enhanced communication by turning the world into a global village but also greatly improved education. The internet is so tremendous that no one can argue that the internet is not helpful

At one point, we always want to find out spellings and even meanings of vocabularies also, at one point in time we might want to find out the format of writing a certain document such as an official letter curriculum vitae and many more. In these cases, we can tend to turn to the internet to find answers to our questions, hence the emerging slogan that “GOOGLE   IS YOUR FRIEND”.

The internet has also uplifted itself in education and it is to stay. This is because it contains online tutorials where students are able to learn from. This can also be seen on higher education sector where people are able to study courses online.

Thanks to the internet, we are also able to share information with our friend. This can be done through the use of online discussions, on these we are able to form groups and share information in these groups. This helps us in saving the time we would use in writing by use of our hands.

We all have lost our learning materials like books at one point in life. What if we had a way to retrieve them? Well, the good news is that you can back-up your soft copy information in a cloud storage location such as Drop box or even Google drive. What does this mean? This means that you can access your documents from any location and be able to back-up your work.

The digitalization of education has not only made the learning process to be interesting but also easy. Take an example of a situation where an experiment needs to be done and it is dangerous or worst still, or the required  materials are not available, it is much easier to explain such a concept by the use of a video clip about the experiment. This not only reduces risk but also enables students to get comprehensive details about a particular concept

Clearly, we cannot ignore the power of technology in our education as students we are able to get great benefits from this digital era by exploiting the resources we have responsibly. Therefore we should take pride in the fact that the government is taking an initiative to digitalize education in the country and also make the learning process easier for all of us.

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