Mwaani Girls’ High School



I am pleased and feel most humbled to convey my salutations and message of goodwill to all. I further welcome you all to this school site – a forum vital for sharing ideas and knowledge for all information superhighway users.

The core values and mission statement for Mwaani Girls are all geared towards excellent academic progress and moulding a wholistic personality in our learners. Thus the learning exercise is taken seriously and earnestly evaluated. Quality output and performance entails hard work dedication and determination among other vital ingredients in all the stakeholders. Our students are challenged to achieve and sustain excellent performance-the pride to all stakeholders.

May almighty God help us to achieve success in all endeavours through our students.

Mrs Brigtta Mutinda –Principal.


To produce self-driven, globally marketable ladies of substance.


To be an institution of excellence in the provision of competitive education to the girl child responsive to environmental changes.


Strive for Excellence


P.O Box 21 – 90300, Makueni



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