Goethe Institute/ Maktaba Awards October 2014

What are the achievements of the library award?

Libraries have gained recognition. I would say there is more visibility for libraries in Kenya than was the case five years ago, even within their own institutions. This recognition is even helping to improve their budgets. I remember the first time the children’s ward for cancer of the Kenyatta National Hospital was recognized, they came with a senior manager from that institution, and I have seen a difference in that library since then.

It is also boosting the profile of KLA as a professional association. Through the award more librarians are joining the Association and bringing new ideas. Those are some of the many benefits that have been brought to the library profession. But also the organizing of the award has improved. When we started we never sent any written reports to the participating libraries. Now we have introduced that. This helps the libraries to improve. Another improvement is bringing them together in a workshop.

That has been a wish, but before we were not able to do it. This year Book Aid International came on board and they made it possible. We have another partner, eKitabu, who donated tablets, laptops and a printer as prizes for winning libraries. Worldreader also partnered with us this year and donated eBook readers to winning public libraries. Those are the partners we are looking for, and there are many more who want to partner with us in the next years.

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