Linda Nyawira Ndegwa – Thika Road Christian School

Dear Mr. President,

It is an honor to be a Kenyan in Kenya. I can proudly say that because on in Kenya enjoys the freedom of right to education, go on the net, the universities.

I am thanking you for what you have done to ensure all learners learn digitally. You have and are distributing laptops for public schools and that is marked as a world record deal. There has been the digital migration and many educational programs are watched on television and the net.

My life as a digital learner is an outstanding experience. Google, Wikipedia and YouTube are really good friends of mine, especially if I am doing some research or looking for the best materials to build science projects.

There are many educational audios which I can listen to. There are computer lessens through which we learn more about subjects and do tests, where we get instant feedback for example on “Msingi pock”

Through technology, I also learn of achievements made by other digital learners. I was shocked to find out that a man learned to do the javelin throw just by observing the act on the net! That encourages me that technology might make me do something incredible one day.

Not only in education, but also in talents. For example, I love music, singing and rhythm. I easily go on Google and get to learn the music notes and get to learn about my voice and songs to define my pitch.

The sad thing is that a girl my age living in the rural areas does not enjoy what I enjoy. There is a problem: electricity and network. She has to use a candle or a kerosene lamp which makes her eyes red, itch and swollen while I comfortably use my rechargeable table light as I do my homework.

It is also sad to see that when learners from the rural areas come to Nairobi, other digital children start calling them analog. But now you have enabled the analog-digital migration and now they have almost everything we have.

I am sure if we continue like this, we will soon see rockets and the Kenyan flag on the moon. What you have done in improving Kenyan technology has made Kenya shine among the African continent and beyond.

You have done your part and now leave it to us students to do the rest, we promise to do proud. The digitally did not only affect us students only, but adults also in the tourism industry. Hotel and resort owners can now post all over the world on its elephants and nature and the foreign exchange earned goes for the benefit of us Kenyans.

Also, parents do not have to use a lot of money paying expensive decoder bouquets. Bamba television gives free services. Thus parents save money and that saved money gets to us children, who are learners.

Entrepreneurship has also been enhanced by technology. Youth can now startup businesses to help them earn a living. What really fascinates me is the technique the Kenyatta University uses. Each university student gets to own a tablet. The tablet enables the student to watch a lesson and do research on it.

The way I look at it the pupils from the public schools have more privileges than we in private schools have. They get laptops while we do not and they are not standardized. Which brings me to the next questions, why are examinations still standardized? Standardization not only affects the pupils but also the choice of school.

If you just knew how much we students work hard to attain the four hundred marks and above. And now we are all at pare in fact they may be ahead of some private schools technologically.

My plea to you is as the digital migration is on, let the KNEC standardize the exam before it is sat, not the results. The ministry of education can be directed to put checks in place to avoid any undue imbalance in the awarding of marks. Digital learning is making it possible. Let us move to vision 2030 with the conviction, the future is ours.

Yours gratefully,

Linda Ndegwa.

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