Mt. Everest Academy

Mt. Everest Academy was started on 22nd February 2003. It commenced straight from nursery to Std eight. It had eleven teachers (four female and seven male teachers) the enrollment by then was 65 pupils, out of this, 29 were girls and 36 were boys.

The school has well trained, dedicated and experienced teachers. Mt. Everest offers 8.4.4 system and in addition quality education that impresses the communities within the District and Coast Province as a whole. The school has maintained a high standard of discipline. The schools performance has drastically improved. In 2007 the school was position 31, Nationally. In the past years we have managed to send some of the pupils to National schools.


To exercise professionalism, quality service, integrity, commitment, equality and team work for better results.


To develop key, versatile players in the corporate world who can use their talents to the maximum.



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