Marvel Junior Academy Mombasa

The school started in the year 2000, situated in Kiembeni Estate Mombasa district in Kenya. In January 7th with only four children. This was to help some needy children in my community. The school grew, many children came for assistance by 2001, the school had about ten needy children and twelve whose parents paid some school fee.

The year 2006 foreign volunteers came, taught and helped with the fees for some of the children. In 2008 others came and volunteered to pay fees for some other four children. The same year the E-4 Kenya organization (Education for Kenya) volunteers came and sponsored 20 children.

The school has 59 children: 20 children sponsored by E-4 Kenya, the school catered for 4 children and 35 children pay fees. The school help[s children from the less fortunate families to provide education both academically and to tap Sports talent(tennis, hockey and football) and other co curriculum activities, for example Arts, Scouting, Environmental interests.

Currently the school has 5 teachers, has expanded the class rooms from one big hall to 4 classes and a small playing field which we were assisted for sometime.

To enable children develop both academically and sports.



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