Awak Ibrahim – Mbagathi Road Primary School

Dear Mr. President,

My life as a digital learner has progressed to a higher level and has transformed my learning automatically. Digital learning has also made my learning more comfortable. My learning has also migrated from analogue to a more digitalized standard. Truly, the government is really doing a great transformation and improving schools in Kenya, it is not a doubt that vision [2030] will be a great success, but as the henchmen coined that, the key to success is by taking one step at a time.

Though my journey of learning was not quite easy because my style of learning before had encountered numerous and outstanding difficulties due to the fact that one has to move to the next class every year thus opt to increase the number of books we carry every day. I had to bear the heavy burden of lifting and carrying a bag a half my normal weight.

At one point of time it was worth the struggle because a man does not rest on a struggle of achieving his goals but when he rests it means he is satisfied.  I have not yet achieved my goals therefore my struggle is worth the pain, for success never comes on a silver platform.

I also suffered severe backaches because of going back and forth several miles of school and back home. I had to carry more than fifteen books in my bag-pack full of notes. As every year passed I went through a great disappointment by losing all my books that had very important notes. I am now delighted and well compensated due to the fact that through the digitalized methods of learning by use of computers, my worries have abruptly come to a great end. I don’t ever have to worry about losing books with important notes.

Through the use of computers, I am able to lessen my burden of carrying heavy and many books. I don’t have to carry many books because the computers have all I need. I am also able to take notes and do thorough research on topics that have been hindering my performance.

Lately, I had been losing my notes carelessly but through the help of computers, I am able to store my notes in a soft cloud application so as to access to them anytime and any anywhere without having the fear of losing them. Through the help of devices such as flash drives, my work is made easier because I can insert the device in any computer and access my notes easily.

I am able to find information on the internet that is only a click from a mouse away. It will remain true that these computers have an easy way to access important information rather than turning a hundred of pages, and only get disappointed from not getting satisfaction to the fullest due to the fact that, the information stated in the books is not rather fulfilling.

Technology, discovered and also researched by scientists has really wowed and blown my mind due to the fact that it holds uncountable vocabularies and spellings that cannot be easily gotten in books. Technology has made it easier because we can get any vocabularies from applications that have been enhanced such as Google search and even Wikipedia search.

We are mostly able to learn about how countries in Africa were colonized and even video clips on how the body functions in various ways. Our school has also tagged along with the digital migration by putting up laboratories that will help us in our searches on the internet but also unfortunately, they are not quite enough

Our school computers have an application site called [Msingi park school edition]. At this special site, we have many test papers that have helped us in our revision rather than using a lot of revision papers that we tend to forget about. When we research and see things practically such as science experiments we are not likely to forget due to the gospel that what the eyes see are not likely to be forgotten easily.

Use of pens and papers have also reduced because we don’t have to buy pens and books when they are filled up and our pens have ran out of ink. This has also reduced family expenses since not all families wallow in extreme luxury and extravagance, they are not opt to buy books and pens almost every week since computers don’t require pens and papers but just typing is required.

The information from the computers leaves us students with no excuse of failing, because it has all the information we need .The computers have all sorts of accessories such as textbooks and even storybooks to occupy our minds for they say an idle mind is the devils workshop and I Mr. president don’t want to engage in activities such as terrorism due to the fact that I am idle, therefore, these computers occupy my mind when I am idle.

Us as students don’t need to search in vain for a lot of textbooks and storybooks that don’t go directly straight to the point and tend to waste a lot of time when we can only click a few keyboard and read online. This also reduces the risk of losing school textbooks that are not on time repayable.

Since I started using computers, my thinking capacity has upgraded and I am able to think out of the box and use my time wisely. Few!I am fully covered by computers in everything I do. I want to formally thank you Mr. President for the work you have been doing in government schools and digitalizing our environment. Above all I would like to request you to build more computer laboratories to better our learning.

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