Note from Longhorn’s Chief Digital Officer


The climax of the Digital Literacy Program is the excitement by children at the prospect of owning a laptop.

We have also witnessed valuable stakeholder involvement in the midst of project execution. Amongst the greatest beneficiaries are the teachers who have undergone vigorous IT training on prudent use of digital devices, efficiency and effective utilization of digital content in various formats and management of elearning through LMS.

The outcome of the training is that teachers/ instructors/ tutors are now well prepared to run with the project. They have also been made to comprehend the motive behind the initiative and the rationale behind pairing children with the multipurpose and multi-media computers.

Integration of ICT in teaching and learning is no longer a choice. Our education system must therefore embrace technology in order to keep up with our ever-changing world. Speaking recently concerning changing world trends, the father of ‘guerrilla marketing’ Jay Conrad Levinson, said: “The reality is that these days, you’ve got to be techno-cosy and if you’re techno-phobic, you better hurry up and make an appointment with your techno-shrink because techno-phobia is fatal these days.”

Longhorn Publishers is a leading publisher in innovating digital materials in the region and a proud partner of eKitabu. The company has made enormous investments in digital publishing and is keen to ensuring that the end user is provided with relevant and high quality education materials. The products and platforms have been developed as a result of intensive market research, product experimentation and innovations.

At the moment, the company has digitised over 60% of its products and availed all in various formats; interactive eBooks, audio books, video animated stories for children, ePubs and mobile applications. The books range from ECDE materials, children and adult readers, biographies, novels, novellas, autobiographies, motivational books and reference materials. Almost all these titles can be accessed and downloaded through eKitabu platform today at;

Our vision is to develop structures and networks to disseminate content and bring a much wider readership to our published materials.

Longhorn Publishers aims at providing well researched, localised and personalised digital materials to consumers as and when they need the products. We call upon users and like-minded technology and education institutions to join hands with us and embrace digital learning through content consumption or through collaborative partnerships.

Our recently released products are also available in Google Play Store or via our corporate website from the link below;

You can also reach us on;

Download the products today and stand to be called a digital learner!

Yours sincerely,                                                                                                           Evans Rotich , Chief Digital Officer                                                      Longhorn Publishers Limited

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