Kenyatta High School Mahiga

Brief History

Kenyatta High School (Mahiga) was established in the period before Kenya attained its independence from the British Colonial Government at Kagere area in Mahiga Location of Nyeri South district. It was among the several schools established by the local community on self help basis in response to the segregate colonial education policy which denied education to those perceived as hostile to the colonial authority.

When the state of emergency was declared in the year 1952, Kagere High School which later changed name to Mahiga High School was banned and deregistered on allegations that it was established by people perceived as sympathetic to the Mau Mau Movement and that some of its founders had direct linkages with the freedom fighters. 

It was re-established in the year 1965, two years after Kenya attained its independence and the first form one class started learning in May 1966.



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