Ronald Ngala Primary School



Ronald Ngala primary school is located within Sparki area, which is in Ziwani zone. The school shares a boundary with Ziwani School for the hearing impaired. The school is along the main Mombasa Malindi highway coming from Saba Saba junction towards the Nyali Bridge. Opposite the school gate, there is a BP fuel station and a wide jua kali artisan shade where they make articles such as metal pails, jikos and other items. Across the other side are Tudor secondary school and a few residential houses.

The school is built of concrete blocks with 24 rooms arranged in three rows parallel to each other. The main building is a stored block with tree floors. It has the administration block on the ground floor. The zonal TAC office is also located on the topmost floor of the main block. Behind the main block is the special unit for the mentally challenged.

The school admits children from pre unit to class eight. Most of the children come from Mshomoroni area and the adjacent slums such as Burukenge and Ka chonjo. There is a big playground and plenty of water supplies, which is treated and safe for drinking. A perimeter wall built of stones surrounds the school. On the over all, the school is quite conducive to learning. The school has a school feeding programme, which is co- sponsored by the government, and the world food programme.




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