Marwa Academy Mombasa

The school backs its history as from 7th January 2002 when it was started by a private individual Mr. Ngao Juma Ngao. By the end of the year the school had admitted 144 pupils. The population increased considerably to 590 by the year 2009.

First KCPE attempt was done on 2007 achieving a mean score of 286.3 with the first candidate scoring 424 out of 500 marks.

In co-curriculum activities, the school actively participates and of late in 2007 a pupil from the school was among the team of athletes representing the province in the national level.


Focusing on the learner, excellency in all learning spheres.


To equip boys and girls with knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to having a productive future. To achieve this, giving adequate capacity, practicals and hard work.


Learn to excel.


P.O. Box 93467-80100 Mombasa.


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