Mbagathi Road Primary School DEC Prize Giving

eKitabu team comprising  Michael Ngeno, Senior Program Manager, Mercy Musyoki, Marketing Manager and Mercy Kirui, Publishing Account Manager went to Mbagathi Road Primary School.

The team presented a laptop and a Kshs 10, 000 school fees voucher to Sarah Mochama for being 2nd Runner Up. Another student, Awak Ibrahim was also presented with a laptop for being 3rd Runner Up. Both students excelled in the Primary English Category  in the DEC 2015.

20160201_081406                                                         Michael and the Principal address students and teachers

20160201_081646                                                        Michael gives Sarah Mochama a laptop

20160201_081745                                                        Sarah Mochama together with her HeadMistress and teacher receive the Kshs 10,000 school fees voucher from Michael and Mercy Kirui

20160201_081929                                                         Awak Ibrahim receives a laptop from Michael and Mercy Kirui

20160201_082047                                                        Michael hands the HeadMistress a gift hamper

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