Mombasa Primary School

By 1957, it was  a British Garrison. By 1959, it started as a European Full Primary School, Mombasa. It was registered as a School in 1963 with a population of 197 students.

The first head teacher was Mr. Metcalf. He was succeeded by Mr. M.S.Chuda later  K.Chekera, Mr. Noorani. Mr. Mpita, Mr. Islam then to the present Mr. Hamid Athman.

You are most  welcome to our school with exclusive environment with highly motivated teachers reflecting Kenya as a notion.

Our children come from varied background, from affluent to very humbled background in the backdrop of Kizingo posh area in Mombasa Coast province.


To produce children with desirable, social, moral and spiritual attitude which are acceptable to the society.


To be a leading institution of basic learning


Elimu ni bora


P. O BOX 80421 – 80100, MOMBASA, KENYA.


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