Njabini Secondary School

The school was founded 50 years ago. The compound was a resort Centre for the white settlers. It was known as Brown Trout Inn. This is evidenced by some buildings which have survived despite the wear and tear such as the present “staffroom” and one or two others that house some teachers and workers. Next to these buildings is a deep cliff and River Chania meanders along. Indeed, this was the source of water for the institution.

In 1965, the catholic mission, in its endevour to promote education, opened the buildings into a school with the first headmaster known as Rev Fr Galbusera. He was succeeded by Rev Fr. Edward Strazzer who took over in 1966. The first form 4 class sat for the exam in 1968. You will appreciate an attached list of former head teachers, principals and deputy principals to date.

Like most institutions Njabini Boys had had ups and downs, but sufficiently to say that it has struggled to uphold its name as a learning institution in Nyandarua County.

This can be proved by the many successful men most of whom have come to grace the Jubilee Day. By 1989, the school was of such high demand that it had grown into a five streamed school.

It now even accommodated most local Boys some of whom were day scholars.


P.O.BOX 12-20155 South Kinagop.

Website: http://www.njabiniboys.sc.ke/

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