Daily Nation Sept 23rd, 2015

BRCK launches locally assembled tablets for pupils


BRCK, a local tech firm, has launched its first batch of locally engineered tablets known as ‘Kio’ as it positions itself for the government literacy programme. PHOTO | COURTESY | NATION MEDIA GROUP By WINFRED KURIA

A local tech firm BRCK has launched its first batch of locally engineered tablets known as ‘Kio’ as it positions itself for the government literacy programme.

The ‘Kio’ tablets are designed for low infrastructure environments boasting features such as dust and water resistance, wireless charging and lockable case for added security according to the tech firm.

Speaking to the Nation, BRCK education division president Nivi Mukherjee emphasized on the time saving nature of the devices compared to the competitors’.

“The pupil will only need to plug a single wire and press one button that will give access to the desired function between learn, play and grow,” added Nivi.

Otherwise known as the digital class in a box, the ‘Kio’ kit comes with 40 BRCK tablets, headphones and one year connectivity.

BRCK Education has entered into partnership with several international and local organisations such as Kenyatta University, Pearson, Intel-Education and e-Limu, Know-Zone, e-Kitabu in an effort develop and refine digital content.

The firm is among bidders shortlisted by the government for the next stage in the race for the controversial laptop tender.

The Sh17bn tender contenders will commence local assembling and manufacturing once government policies are cleared.

“We are currently in talks with the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization and they are committed to the project, we anticipate in the next year we will be in a position to manufacture locally” said division’s President Ms Nivi Mukherjee.

By assembling the devices locally, BRCK will acquire an upper hand over its competitors with the possibility of subsidized cost and labour.

“We want to send the message that indeed Kenyans, and Africans in general, have the capacity and skills required to manufacture high-tech, world-class local solutions to the challenges facing the continent and which can exported to the rest of the world,” BRCK founding team member Juliana Rotich added.

Original Article: http://www.nation.co.ke/business/Tech-firm-launches-school-laptops/-/996/2882364/-/158dsb5/-/index.html


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