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eKitabu is East Africa’s premier e-book store distributing e-books and interactive content.  We are helping Africa embrace digital content and e-learning through the easiest way to go digital:  E-BOOKS.

eKitabu (“Kitabu” is the Swahili word for “book,” “Kitab” or “کتاب‎” in Arabic) solves the problem of distribution of digital content in Africa.  Starting with our home country, Kenya, eKitabu focuses on educational materials that account for approximately 70% of all publishing in Africa.

We sell ebooks, interactive content and a learning management platform that are all key stepping-stones to the advancement in e-learning in Kenya and Africa.

Founded in 2012, we have been able to partner with local and international publishers to build an inventory of over 400,000 ebooks, along with KICD approved educational content.

We engage directly with individuals, schools, and teachers, students and their families, as well as work with partners in distribution, such as conventional bookstores and publishers.   We are helping schools embrace e-learning through our “Tunaenda Digital” program, which offers the simplest solution:  ebooks!

eKitabu is a thought leader and forward thinker in using technology in education, and helping Kenyans develop a reading culture.

eKitabu delivers the content through our platform, mobile app, targeted outreach countrywide in Kenya, and key ecosystem partners, governmental, commercial, and NGO.

eKitabu lets you search for and download e-books of your choice from www.ekitabu.com and download from our collection of over 400,000 titles across all categories of interest.

You buy using MPESA or credit card and read with the free eKitabu app on smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

  • Individual – users in Africa

Every day there are new e-book users, and we continue building our inventory to serve the growing demand.

Interactive Content for Schools

Through collaboration with both local and international publishers, eKitabu has:

  • Built a digital inventory of over 300,000 titles that includes over 500 Kenyan educational titles now in electronic form straight from the Orange Book.
  • Developed interactive versions of Kenyan course books and supplementary materials complete with animations, audios, student assessments and other interactive features consistent with the standards set by KICD.
  • Continuously engaged with schools across Kenya to offer digital content and solutions on e-learning.


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I support this idear. .it’s the most brilliant thing to happen in Kenyan education system..As a teacher I feel digital learning is the way to go. Thumps up all the stakeholders!!!


  2. I can’t access the website… why does everything being done in Africa have to be of poor quality… its just like the ecitizen website all over again…


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eKitabu is East Africa’s premier ebook store. We distribute ebooks and interactive content. Search for ebooks of your choice from www.ekitabu.com . Pay by Mpesa or credit card and read with the free eKitabu App on android smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

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