Kisumu Boys High School

Brief History

The Kenya-Uganda Railways, whose construction began at the Coast town of Mombasa in 1896, reached Kisumu in 1901. The bulk of the labor in the construction of this railway was provided by Indians who had been recruited back at home by the British.

When the project was completed, many of the Indians decided to stay on in Kenya and acquired citizenship. Through government loans they started businesses in towns, particularly, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru.

The Indian population grew fast in Kisumu and in 1925, the colonial government started an Indian Primary School in the town to cater for education of their children. In 1948, the school became a government Indian High School, the primary being moved to another  near by site.

Initially the school was co-educational but in 1961 a separate school was started for girls in the vicinity and our school took its present name Kisumu Boys’ High School.

Three years later in 1964, A-level was started with girls and boys taking both Sciences and Arts courses. Prior to 1966, the school was catering only for Indian children and did not have any African in its management.

With the first African Board of Governors chairman being appointed, immediately thereafter, the school began to enroll pupils of African descent. Today the school is almost entirely African with only a few Asian students and Board members.



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