Nyagatugu Boys Secondary School



We are a boys’ school with a Christian foundation and we are geared towards high academic achievements based on rich cultural and moral values.

We aspire to be a model of a friendly school where individual talents in drama, music acrobats, debate, scientific innovations, agricultural activities, games, environmental management, and philanthropic activities are embraced.

We advocate for peaceful co-existence among the students, teachers, non-teaching staff, stakeholders, immediate community and the nation at large through our peace club.

All this is summed up in our anthem where we refer to Nyagatugu as a “Blessed, Bucket, Barnabas Boys School”

“Blessed” stands for the spirit of giving and receiving.

“Bucket” is a symbol of the quantities of blessings we receive or give.

“Barnabas” stands for an encourager, inspirer, motivator, and a legend of extra-ordinary success. Barnabas was a son of reconciliation and a great crusader of change in people’s hearts, therefore, we do the same to the weak, needy, poor, and disadvantaged and the lowly placed in society.

Once again Welcome to our Blessed, Bucket, Barnabas Boys School.


Perfect our Best, the Best.


Website: http://www.nyagatuguboys.sc.ke/

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