Moi Girls Secondary School Marsabit

Brief History

Moi girls secondary school was started 1984, as a girls Boarding school catering for the Nomadic girls in Marsabit District.

This was the first girl’s school in the region and it attracted a lot of interest from the well wishers, who managed to put up the basic infrastructure.

The school infrastructure has purely been raised by the help of well-wishers.

Girl’s education in this community is not considered important because of culture. Girls are ready for marriage, as early as 11 years.

Parents identify marriage partners and so booking starts at an early age. Education is the transition.
While the government of Kenya has introduced free primary education, the rate of students going to secondary school is quite low.

A few girls manage to enroll for secondary education, although most of them, at least 2/3 are married off or their parents send them to the grazing area for goat keeping at the completion of class 8.

At secondary level those who manage to be admitted are from families that have sought help from well-wishers. And quite a number of parents are opposed to their being in school.
After form four, the parents are not ready to invest in them any more and so they are married off.

The Last paper of exam is done under duress because the girls are being waited for marriage.
This is not a practice that the girls like but they have no choice.

As their principal I have tried to change their attitude into saying NO to early marriage and have encouraged them to be patient and get them to college but again the challenge is funding for those who wish to join colleges.



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