Ogenya Primary School



Ogenya Primary School is a mixed primary school with a population of 800 pupils.

The school is compost of a special unit, E.C.D Early Childhood Development, and primary section.

The 800 pupils are residing within the community. A half of the entire population of the school is orphans due H.I.V pandemics and therefore requires attention.

The school has been very positive in nurturing them despite limited resources.

The school is built on 13-acre piece of land that we use to carry out income generating activities in small scale such as maize planting, tree nursery, and horticulture. The school is gearing to initialize zero grazing activities, cotton growing, sugarcane planting, and poultry keeping for sustainability.


To be the preferred primary school offering efficient and effective curriculum delivery to Kenyan pupils in Kisumu county and beyond.


To provide free and affordable quality education services to primary school learners in our Kisumu County and beyond.


Hard work for Success


Website: http://www.ogenyaprimary.sc.ke/

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