Kihuyo Secondary School

Brief History

Kihuyo Secondary School is a young up coming institution.It was established in 1980 at the Kihuyo Primary School grounds.It is important to take note of the fact that the establishment was made possible through the initiative and commitment of the local community leaders who wanted the community’s children to have access to secondary Education as most of them were not getting shools in other areas.

Through the initiative of the above leaders,who mobilized local community to raise funds the first two classrooms were put up at kihuyo secondary grounds.In 1981, the school commitee approached the catholic diocese o Nyeri for Sponsorship and Registration. Kihuyo mixed Secondary school was established and enrolled its first group of boys and girls in the same year.In the late 1982,the noble initiative of the local leaders bore fruits and the Nyeri County Council Generously allocated a 5.2 acre plot in two separate parcels to the school at the present grounds.

In the spirit of our national motto “Harambee” the local leaders, once again came together and mobilized the community to raise funds for additional classrooms at the present grounds where the school shifted in the late 1983.

Thuogh the School is still a single stream with a total of 170 students we aspire to expand to at least three streams school in future.Through the might of our lord and we strongly believe trust our noble vision shall be achieved in future,”With God everything can be possible”.



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