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Storymoja was formed in August 2007 by a collective of writers who are committed to publishing contemporary East African writing of world-class standard. A reading nation is a smarter nation. To read our own stories helps us understand ourselves and that knowledge empowers. To that end, we source widely to identify good local writers, help them publish and distribute the work locally and internationally. We also commission writing based on interviews with those affected by issues that shape our society.

By the end of 2014, Storymoja had published, in print and/or digital versions:

–    Twenty one titles for adults under the Storymoja imprint

–    One hundred children’s titles under the Storyhippo and Storymoja imprints

–    We also market and distribute books on behalf of a few other individuals and publishers

Our motto is to ‘Get a book in every hand.’

Growing Kenya’s reading culture is Storymoja’s mission as it feeds our business, our personal call as writers, and our patriotic duty.  To that end, we organize an annual international literary festival in Nairobi every September and initiated the Start a Library campaign to stock books in schools that do not have libraries, as well as other reading-promotion campaigns.

Key campaigns projects that Storymoja has initiated and/or executed:

  • Read Aloud National Record setting day.We intend that Kenya break a world record in reading.
  • Start a Library. To generate interest in reading, and facilitate greater access to books, Storymoja initiated this campaign in 2012 to encourage the public and companies to donate books to stock libraries in primary schools.
  • Storymoja Festival. In this annual festival held in September, over 6000 people, including international and local writers, thinkers and personalities gather over three days in Nairobi to participate in a range of debates, discussions, talks/interviews, workshops and competitions. The main objective of the festival is to stimulate interest in ideas and books, and to celebrate knowledge.


Physical Address : 264 -00606 Sarit Centre Nairobi


Postal Address: P.O. Box 264 -00606 Sarit Centre Nairobi

Phone: 020-2089595

Cellphone: 0722-838161/0735-564394


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