Mang’u High School

Brief History

In 1939, the school was moved to a new site at Mang’u Village on twenty-two acres of land and because of accessibility it became known as Mang’u High School.However, the Marianist Brothers introduced an Aviation programme in Mang’u High School and there was an urgent need for expansion. Therefore, to create room for the Aviation programme, the Board of Governors decided to purchase a new site for the school.

They acquired 214 acres six kilometres from Thika Town along the Thika-Nairobi Highway. In 1972 the Marianist Brothers moved Mang’u High School to its current site. The school was to be put up in three phases. Mang’u high school was the first to introduce aviation as an examinable subject in the country

According to Bro. Ken Thompson who taught English for 15 years at Mang’u High School, “mang’u” is a Maasai word meaning “that’s not me you smell.” Bro. Ken said: “When the Maasai hunted lions in the tall grass, they would shout “mang’u, mang’u” to inform their fellow hunters of the situation!”The school is also known as “’Dayton’” (although very few students are actually aware of this) because of the school’s association with University of Dayton, a Catholic university founded by the Society of Mary (the Marianists) in 1850 in Dayton, Ohio, United States.


P.O. Box 01000- 314, THIKA, KENYA.


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